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Ghost Lights

Part of NIDA's Digital Theatre Festival 2020

Concept & Direction by Katy Alexander

Written by Henrik Ibsen, Luigi Pirandello, Stephen Sewell, William Shakespeare


As all performance venues across the world went dark during the COVID-19 crisis, the old tradition of the ghost light was revived - leaving on a single naked bulb on a stand to ensure that an empty theatre is never left in total darkness.

Join us as some of theatre's great characters perform iconic monologues, and newly minted words. Untethered from their plays and plots, they have broken out. They roam the empty theatres, trying to connect once again. But being lost, they are also free… and appear in guises that might surprise as they speak their new-found truths.

This transmedia production includes short online films, audience responses, and a live production that is also livestreamed. We have rehearsed and met on Zoom and in the real world. We have followed new COVID protocols, experimented with technologies and found frustrations, opportunities and sheer magic, as we reimagine theatrical storytelling in this strange new world.

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