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Light up the Night 2018

Presented by Tamworth City, Tamworth Regional Museum & Gallery, Tamworth Powerstation Museum and Tamworth Dramatic Society. 

Creative Director: Katy Alexander

In 1888, Tamworth became the first city in Australia to install electric street lighting. The Tamworth Dramatic Society presented an outdoor multimedia performance, with live performers and projections, bringing the story of Tamworth, the “City of Light” to life for the community. The performance site, the Powerstation Museum, is the very place where the electric plant generated electricity to power the first street lights and Light Up the Night!

Production Manager: Miranda Heckenberg
Video Designer: Luke Oldknow
Sound Design: Jennifer Ingall
Choreography: Sally Blackwood
Cast: Daniel Gillett, Ellie Sampson, Mark Floyd, Ava Subritzky, Jenny Sullivan, Steven Rees, Emelia Saban.


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